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C6 DIY Oil Change - update - All Credit to the original poster cmb13 and to the tips received on the Corvette Forum.

Here are the instructions for the DIY oil page. This first post is now edited to include information gathered from posts below and elsewhere. The original post is at the end.

Disclaimer: Changing the oil involves lifting the car, messing with the oil and filter. A basic mechanical understanding is helpful, if not necessary. Don't work on the car when it is hot. Be very careful during all steps, or serious injury could occur. Be especially careful when jacking up the car and be sure it is secure on the jack stands. Also, getting on to the ramps without having them pop out or jump them can be tricky. Be Careful! Neither myself nor the forum take responsibility for the outcome here; these are just tips from my own experience. If you're unsure, get help or have it done professionally.

First, here is what you need:
1. Oil needed: 5.5 - 6.0 quarts of Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30
2. Filter needed: AC Delco PF 46 or equivalent. The C6 came with a PF 44, but it has been discontinued and the PF 46 is the replacement. Some use the Premium UPF 44, available from some forum vendors.
3. Jack or ramps. Some have done the change without it, but it is especially hard to get the filter off without a jack.
4. Oil filter wrench. Nearly impossible to get the filter off without it. I got one that attaches to my 3/8 inch socket driver.
5. 13 mm socket or wrench to get the plug out.
6. Oil pan to catch the old oil.
7. Funnel to get the new oil in.

1. Jack up the car. It is reasonably tricky to jack up the front of a Vette b/c it is pretty hard to get a jack underneath. I used a homemade ramp to lift it 4 inches, then placed the jack under the front crossmember, then jacked it up. Don't forget to bridge at least two crossmembers - I use a 4x10 piece of wood to do this.
2. Place the car on jack stands. I left the rear on the ramps, and placed the front on jack stands. I used pucks to avoid damage to the fiberglass body.
3. Drain the oil. First, take off the oil cap, then after placing the waste pan underneath the oil pan, remove the plug. This can be done with a 15 mm socket wrench.
4. Remove the filter with your trusty filter wrench.
5. Replace the filter with a new one. It helps to fill the filter with a small amount of oil, then lubricate the ring on the top with some oil. Tighten 3/4 of a turn after it reaches the engine.
6. Replace the oil plug. Some buy and aftermarket magnetic plug to replace the original one. Don't overtighten or you could do some serious damage! Clean the undersurface of the car to avoid burning a little oil and so you can check for leaks after refilling.
7. Lower the car. Replace the jack, jack it up, remove the jack stands, and lower it back on to your ramps. Be sure to check the position of the ramps first.
8. Fill with oil. I'd add 5 quarts, then check the dipstick and slowly fill to full. You'll probably need 5.5 quarts, but some say the Z51 takes 6.0 quarts. I put in 5.5, rechecked the next morning, and added a little more.
9. Check under the car for leaks.
10. Reset your oil service indicator. On the DIC, go to oil change interval setting, then press and hold the reset button for a few seconds.
11. Fire her up and drive off the ramps!

This is the car on the jack stands, after using the ramps.

This is the hole for the pucks, and the pucks in the holes.

This is where to fill the oil. Remove the cap before draining so it drains faster.

Here comes the oil.

Here is a picture of the oil filter with the wrench.

Here is the original post:
Please help me recreate the DIY oil change thread. The link in the FAQs is broken. I understand there are some important things to know. Will some of you with experience in the matter help us out?

1. The capacity reads 5.5 quarts, yet I've read that it actually takes more like 6.5, possibly b/c of the oil filter capacity. True?
2. What kind of filter is needed?
3. Is is necessary to have the car level, or can we lift only the front end?
4. Any other tips / tricks we need to know?
5. Any other maintenance we should do at the same time?